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You can access a web version of HR 3200 -- The Affordable Health Choice Act -- on thru the "".

It has a cool feature that lets you comment directly on any line of the 1,000+ page bill. Instructions at the top say "Rollover any line of text to comment and/or link to it" which I've used. It links to a blog with a 1,000 character (incl. spaces) comment. They also have an email address which is '

HOWEVER . . . .  HR 3200 is over a 1,000 pages long and VERY difficult to navigate thru on the internet. It has no hot-linked index or table of contents, no page numbers to remember where the heck you were, and the tiniest movement of your scroll bar will send you 10 page up or down. In short, it is such a maddening experience and a big disincentive to becoming informed.

So I down loaded the entire document in 50-page segments and turned each one into Word docs. Then I did a mark up so I could highlight the sections that are important -- the ones that defined and reformed health care policy under the House bill.

I made table of contents so people can tell what is in the bill -- a good place to start -- and next if made an index of topics. While the TofCx comes from the Congress, the index was my attempt to put like with like, in order to make researching a specific topic or provision easier (for example "pre-existing conditions", "rescission" or the public option)

I have preserved  the original text as it came out of the House of Reps, so a reader can to link to the whole enchilada OR to a synopsis of the juicy parts that we most care about. Synoptic text for each topic leaves out the legalese and pages of instruction on how to set up various government offices and commissions and who to hire a staff and other federal employees. If any of that stuff is important to a reader, you can always track back to the uncut version and its all there -- endless pages of stultifying detail.

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Patience please, the mark-up of HR 3200 is still a work-in-progress

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