Down the Rabbit Hole

Index to photographs published in textbook and from other sources
to better understand the historic medicalization of childbirth in the US .


Photo Gallery #1 Normal physiology of childbearing pelvis and mechanisms of normal labor
 Conduct of a spontaneous birth at home attended by a doctor in the early 1900s

Photo Gallery #2 Contracted Pelvis from rickets, historical beginning of hospital-based childbirth,
routine or 'preemptive' use of Episiotomy & Forceps delivery, damage to mother's pelvic floor musculature

Photo Gallery #3 -  "Modern" childbirth, in which mother is not under the influence Twilight drugs
 (narcotics and scopolamine) during labor, dad is allowed to be in Labor Room and in Delivery Room.

Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1950s


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