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 Debate on Health Care Reform: an exercise in pseudo-journalism

Part One ~
An exercise in Pseudo-Journalism

The Information Gap
Failure is not an option.
National Healthcare Policy 2009:
The AMA and National Health Insurance:
A Real-World Study in Contrast:


Part Two ~ What American should
(but don’t) know about health care in the US:

The Facts ~ Quality of Care:
The US vs. Other Developed Countries:
Maternity Care for Healthy Women:
$$$ Healthcare Cost and its Consequence:
Catching-up on half a century:
Health Insurance:
Workplace Disincentives:
Bankrupting the Insured:
Double jeopardy for the Uninsured:
Corporate Medicine:
Deregulation and Privatization:
Professionalism vs. commercialism:

Part Three ~
he Marriage of Authority-based Medicine and Investor-owned Corporate Medicine

Authority-based Medicine:
Evidence-based Practice:
The difference between authority-based medicine and evidence-based practice:
Physician Preference – the decider of all things medical &
Unlimited Licensure
Stockholder conflict between doctors, hospital and health insurance companies
Where health insurance companies are king, pre-authorization is queen:

The Art of Medicine – the right place for
Political Legacy:

The Publishing Empire Power Behind the Throne:

Part Four ~

Physician preference:
The ethics of confusing art with science:
Trends in the physician workforce:
Defending professional turf
The Numbers ~ Everyday Non-urgent Health Care:
Challenging Chokepoint Medicine:
Time vs. money:
Not enough of both to go around:
Institutionalized Mismatch:
Un-choked, unhurried primary care:

Concurrent Reform in Medical Education:

Part Five -- fixing the problem

Non-physician primary care providers a threat to OM:
The AMA and its role in the Scope of Practice Partnership:
How organized medicine developed its iron grip
Politics masquerading as science:
The uncritical acceptance of an unscientific premise:

A Short Primer on the History of National Health Insurance and Organized Medicine
Historical Background of the AMA

Part Six ~ Failed national healthcare policy that have fallen off the public radar

Comparative Effectiveness ~ the lynch pin of an efficient, effective and affordable health care

A Vision for 2020: Affordable healthcare versus  ~ The 2nd federal bailout of the 21st century

Do or Die:

What Works:

Comparative effectiveness re-writes the playbook.


Five-Point Wrap Up:

The ABCs of a Political Action Plan

Additional Topics for next time:

HealthCare_2.0 ~ don’t leave for the 21st century without it: a vision for a workable, affordable system that expands on many of these topics

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