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 First Choice All About HealthCare_2.0 -- our vision, our web site, our name .


 Best Pick   Debate on Health Care Reform -- an exercise in Pseudo-Journalism 


  The Health Assurance Act of 2010 


  Challenging Chokepoint Medicine Blog


Analysis & History Relevant to HealthCare Reform
and Fresh ideas for a bright future -- 
Suzanne Arms et al

  Childbirth Practices ~ health Women with Normal Pregnancies 

Maternity Care 2.0 overview & recommendations
for evidence-based, physiological management of normal childbirth in healthy women


  Responsible Midwifery for the 21st Century ~ part 1 PDF (part 1 of 2)


   Choice in Planning and Experiencing Childbirth AMA Journal of Ethics
~ Virtual Mentor.
September 2004, Volume 6, Number 9. Policy Forum    


  Annotated Excerpts from the "Marginalization of Nurse Midwifery"   


  Practical Suggestions for transforming 21st Century Maternity care
1. Overview of topic  2. How normal birth became a surgical procedure
performed by an obstetrician 3. The principles of physiological management


  Two new studies that challenge current childbirth practices and change everything

"EFM as a Public Health Screening Program: The Arithmetic of Failure"  
by Dr David Grimes--> Electronic fetal monitoring has failed as a public health screening program. Nevertheless, most
of the four million low-risk women giving birth in the United States each year continue to undergo this screening

Neonatal Resuscitation: Life that Failed ~ by George Malcolm Morley, MB ChB FACOG
scientific paper provides vital information on the value of physiological cord clamping under many diverse circumstances – especially premature babies, distressed neonates and following any Cesarean deliver, but particularly an emergent one performed for fetal distress. This a game-changer in the practical, political, legal and economic arena.


  Why the OB profession has an inferiority complex as told in their own words

 Part 1- History of Obstetrics,  material & references from Dr. Neal DeVitt’s 1975 Thesis

Part 2 - Historical testimony on safety of physiological
management & benefits of midwifery

Part 3 - Obstetrical Education & its connection to the Campaign to Abolish the Midwife

Part 4 - Obstetricians promoting the “New Obstetrics” 1910 to 1923

Part 5 - Obstetrics morphs into a new surgical specialty in the 20th century America,
which morphs into “Industrialized Obstetrics” in the 21st century ~ The natural conclusion to a hundred years of interventionist obstetrics as the standard for healthy women and normal birth as a surgical procedure

 Pardon our dust - last section still under construction

The History of Western Medicine from A to Z
A work-in-progress . .

Primitive Medicine
Ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine (450 BC)
Hx Physicians; Hx of Surgery; Hx of Early Hospitals;
Hx of Islamic Medicine - 700 to 1100;
Hx of Medical Practice from Galen to medical practices during the Middle Ages;
Hx of Medicine from 1600 to Pasteur's 1881 Germ Theory of Infections Disease;

Hx of American Medical Association in 1847 to 21st Century Scope of Practice Partnership; Hx of 19th and 20th century obstetrical practices in the United States;
A Dysfunctional HC System -- How did it get so far off track?


  I have a dream ......  

I dream of standing above the clouds, in cool clear air, looking down on the jagged rock face and the valley below and having an uncluttered mind.

Far from the maddening crowds, one can see health care transform for what it is -- an opportunity to turn abstract American ideals into a practical reality, one that lets us stand side by side with the rest of the developed world and feel proud. 

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